Commit 5a8b07de authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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Fix invalid read/write in _linphone_call_params_clone()

parent cca80fbb
......@@ -340,11 +340,15 @@ static void _linphone_call_params_uninit(LinphoneCallParams *cp){
static void _linphone_call_params_clone(LinphoneCallParams *dst, const LinphoneCallParams *src) {
unsigned int i;
// WARNING: the structure is not copied entirely to avoid the belle_sip_object_t part to be corrupted.
* Save the belle_sip_object_t part, copy the entire structure and restore the belle_sip_object_t part
belle_sip_object_t tmp = dst->base;
memcpy(dst, src, sizeof(LinphoneCallParams));
dst->base = tmp;
if (src->record_file) dst->record_file=ms_strdup(src->record_file);
if (src->session_name) dst->session_name=ms_strdup(dst->session_name);
if (src->session_name) dst->session_name=ms_strdup(src->session_name);
* The management of the custom headers is not optimal. We copy everything while ref counting would be more efficient.
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