Commit 5e6693d3 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Fix compilation.

parent 64789a3b
......@@ -278,14 +278,14 @@ LinphoneAddress *guess_contact_for_register(LinphoneProxyConfig *obj){
const char *localip = NULL;
char *tmp;
LinphoneAddress *contact;
if (obj->contact_params)
tmp = ms_strdup_printf("%s;%s", obj->reg_identity, obj->contact_params);
tmp = strdup(obj->reg_identity);
LinphoneAddress *contact = linphone_address_new(tmp);
contact = linphone_address_new(tmp);
if (!contact) {
ms_error("No valid contact_params for [%s]",linphone_address_get_domain(proxy));
return NULL;
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