Commit 5f084675 authored by Sandrine Avakian's avatar Sandrine Avakian

remove unused variable in tests.

Moving function for api to error_info.h
parent a5ffae6b
......@@ -215,6 +215,11 @@ void linphone_error_info_from_sal_op(LinphoneErrorInfo *ei, const SalOp *op){
LinphoneErrorInfo* linphone_error_info_get_sub(const LinphoneErrorInfo *ei){
return ei->sub_ei;
void linphone_error_info_set_sub_error_info(LinphoneErrorInfo *ei, LinphoneErrorInfo *appended_ei){
if (appended_ei != NULL){
ei->sub_ei = appended_ei;
......@@ -62,6 +62,13 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_error_info_unref(LinphoneErrorInfo *ei);
LINPHONE_PUBLIC LinphoneReason linphone_error_info_get_reason(const LinphoneErrorInfo *ei);
* Get pointer to chained LinphoneErrorInfo set in sub_ei.
* @param ei ErrorInfo object
* @return LinphoneErrorInfo pointer defined in the ei object.
LINPHONE_PUBLIC LinphoneErrorInfo* linphone_error_info_get_sub(const LinphoneErrorInfo *ei);
* Get textual phrase from the error info.
* This is the text that is provided by the peer in the protocol (SIP).
......@@ -1790,7 +1790,6 @@ static void call_callee_with_custom_header_or_sdp_attributes(void) {
stats initial_caller=caller_mgr->stat;
stats initial_callee=callee_mgr->stat;
bool_t result=FALSE;
bool_t did_receive_call;
const LinphoneCallParams *caller_remote_params;
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