Commit 5fd0fe25 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Fix some english mistakes.

parent 6160b6db
......@@ -903,7 +903,7 @@ void linphone_friend_list_subscription_state_changed(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneE
, list);
if (state == LinphoneSubscriptionOutgoingProgress && linphone_event_get_reason(lev) == LinphoneReasonNoMatch) {
ms_message("Resseting version count for friend list [%p]",list);
ms_message("Reseting version count for friend list [%p]",list);
list->expected_notification_version = 0;
......@@ -601,7 +601,7 @@ end:
static void call_with_timeouted_bye(void) {
static void call_with_timed_out_bye(void) {
LinphoneCoreManager* marie;
LinphoneCoreManager* pauline;
belle_sip_timer_config_t timer_config;
......@@ -5379,7 +5379,7 @@ test_t call_tests[] = {
TEST_NO_TAG("Simple call with UDP", simple_call_with_udp),
TEST_ONE_TAG("Call terminated automatically by linphone_core_destroy", automatic_call_termination, "LeaksMemory"),
TEST_NO_TAG("Call with http proxy", call_with_http_proxy),
TEST_NO_TAG("Call with timeouted bye", call_with_timeouted_bye),
TEST_NO_TAG("Call with timed-out bye", call_with_timed_out_bye),
TEST_NO_TAG("Direct call over IPv6", direct_call_over_ipv6),
TEST_NO_TAG("Call IPv6 to IPv4 without relay", v6_to_v4_call_without_relay),
TEST_NO_TAG("IPv6 call over NAT64", v6_call_over_nat_64),
......@@ -920,7 +920,7 @@ static char * generate_random_e164_phone_from_dial_plan(const LinphoneDialPlan *
He can immediately see me in his Linphone users list.
However, it takes hours before I can see him in my Linphone users list.
static void long_term_presence_with_crossed_refferences(void) {
static void long_term_presence_with_crossed_references(void) {
if (linphone_core_vcard_supported()){
const LinphoneDialPlan *dialPlan;
char *e164_marie, *e164_pauline, *e164_laure;
......@@ -1012,7 +1012,7 @@ test_t presence_server_tests[] = {
TEST_ONE_TAG("Long term presence list",long_term_presence_list, "longterm"),
TEST_ONE_TAG("Long term presence with +164 phone, without sip",long_term_presence_with_e164_phone_without_sip, "longterm"),
TEST_ONE_TAG("Long term presence with phone, without sip",long_term_presence_with_phone_without_sip, "longterm"),
TEST_ONE_TAG("Long term presence with cross refference", long_term_presence_with_crossed_refferences,"longtern"),
TEST_ONE_TAG("Long term presence with cross references", long_term_presence_with_crossed_references,"longtern"),
TEST_NO_TAG("Subscriber no longer reachable using server",subscriber_no_longer_reachable),
TEST_NO_TAG("Subscribe with late publish", subscribe_with_late_publish),
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