Commit 607af68f authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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add upnp status to

parent 7545582a
......@@ -826,12 +826,15 @@ printf "* %-30s %s\n" "Tools" $build_tools
printf "* %-30s %s\n" "zRTP encryption (GPLv3)" $zrtp
if test "$enable_tunnel" = "true" ; then
printf "* Tunnel support\t\ttrue\n"
printf "* Tunnel support\t\t\ttrue\n"
if test $USE_BELLESIP_TRUE !='#' ; then
printf "* bellesip stack\t\ttrue\n"
printf "* bellesip stack\t\t\ttrue\n"
printf "* eXosip stack\t\ttrue\n"
if test "$build_upnp" = "true" ; then
printf "* upnp support\t\t\ttrue\n"
echo "Now type 'make' to compile, and then 'make install' as root to install it."
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