Commit 610f826c authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan
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fix(tester): avoid empty tests array in call_video_tester when video is not enabled

parent a6d022f0
......@@ -669,10 +669,10 @@ void video_call_base_3(LinphoneCoreManager* caller,LinphoneCoreManager* callee,
linphone_core_set_preferred_video_size_by_name(caller->lc, "QVGA");
linphone_core_set_preferred_video_size_by_name(callee->lc, "QVGA");
linphone_core_set_video_device(caller->lc, "Mire: Mire (synthetic moving picture)");
linphone_core_set_video_device(callee->lc, "Mire: Mire (synthetic moving picture)");
......@@ -2175,11 +2175,11 @@ static void video_call_expected_fps_for_specified_bandwidth(int bandwidth, int f
int count;
/*wait some time until the target fps is reached. Indeed the bandwidth measurement may take several iterations to converge
to a value big enough to allow mediastreamer2 to switch to the high fps profile*/
for (count = 0 ; count < 3; count++){
/*wait for at least the first TMMBR to arrive*/
BC_ASSERT_TRUE(wait_for_until(marie->lc, pauline->lc, &marie->stat.last_tmmbr_value_received, 1, 10000));
if ((int)vstream->configured_fps == fps){
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ extern test_suite_t call_test_suite;
extern test_suite_t call_video_test_suite;
#endif // if VIDEO_ENABLED
extern test_suite_t clonable_object_test_suite;
extern test_suite_t conference_event_test_suite;
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