Commit 62b0764e authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩

Fixed getUnreadMessagesCount method in old JNI file

parent 25c56427
......@@ -4497,7 +4497,7 @@ extern "C" jint Java_org_linphone_core_LinphoneChatRoomImpl_getHistorySize (JNI
,jlong ptr) {
return (jint) linphone_chat_room_get_history_size((LinphoneChatRoom*)ptr);
extern "C" jint Java_org_linphone_core_LinphoneChatRoomImpl_getUnreadMessageCount(JNIEnv* env
extern "C" jint Java_org_linphone_core_LinphoneChatRoomImpl_getUnreadMessagesCount(JNIEnv* env
,jobject thiz
,jlong ptr) {
return (jint) linphone_chat_room_get_unread_messages_count((LinphoneChatRoom*)ptr);
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