Commit 63c5dfed authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Unselect previous ICE valid pairs before adding losing pairs.

parent e53e2ca9
......@@ -898,6 +898,10 @@ void linphone_core_update_ice_from_remote_media_description(LinphoneCall *call,
int componentID = j + 1;
if (candidate->addr[0] == '\0') break;
get_default_addr_and_port(componentID, md, stream, &addr, &port);
if (j == 0) {
/* If we receive a re-invite and we finished ICE processing on our side, use the candidates given by the remote. */
ice_add_losing_pair(cl, j + 1, candidate->addr, candidate->port, addr, port);
losing_pairs_added = TRUE;
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