Commit 645447dc authored by Guillaume Beraudo's avatar Guillaume Beraudo
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Simplify client certificate configuration.

We can only handle one client certificate: allow setting direct path to
the chain and key files.
parent 24ead1f2
......@@ -924,25 +924,9 @@ static void ping_reply(SalOp *op){
static const char *get_client_cert_path(LinphoneCore *lc) {
static char cldir[200] = {0};
if (!cldir[0]) {
static char default_path[200] = {0};
snprintf(default_path, sizeof(default_path), "%s%s", getenv("HOME"), "/linphone_certs");
snprintf(cldir, sizeof(cldir), "%s", lp_config_get_string(lc->config,"sip","client_certificates_dir", default_path));
return cldir;
static bool_t fill_auth_info_with_client_certificate(LinphoneCore *lc, SalAuthInfo* sai) {
char chain_file[200];
char key_file[200];
const char *path = get_client_cert_path(lc);
snprintf(chain_file, sizeof(chain_file), "%s%s", path, "/chain.pem");
snprintf(key_file, sizeof(key_file), "%s%s", path, "/key.pem");
const char *chain_file = lp_config_get_string(lc->config,"sip","client_cert_chain", 0);
const char *key_file = lp_config_get_string(lc->config,"sip","client_cert_key", 0);;
#ifndef WIN32
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