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fix another alloc/free mismatch (required for windows)

parent e9ad2787
Liblinphone level improvements thanks to belle-sip new SIP stack:
* multiple SIP transports simualtaneously now allowed
Application level improvements:
* It is now possible to configure multiple proxy accounts with different transports (UDP, TCP, TLS)
* can work with IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously
* User can choose video rendering method on Linux
* Video HD formats support added, leveraging on multiple cores for encoding if available
* Keyboard can be used for DTMF input
* Faster and higly responsive UI thanks to fully asynchronous operation of the liblinphone.
* Addon of opus codec
Liblinphone level improvements thanks to new "belle-sip" SIP stack:
* multiple SIP transports simultaneously now allowed
* IP dual stack: can use IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously
* fully asynchronous behavior: no more lengthly DNS or connections
* +sip.instance parameter (RFC5626)
......@@ -10,6 +19,7 @@ linphone-3.7...??
* SIP transaction state machines improved (RFC6026)
* Privacy API (RFC3323, RFC3325)
* Full support of rich presence in (RFC4480)
* Better handling of sips scheme in URIs.
linphone-3.6.1 -- June 17, 2013
......@@ -810,11 +810,11 @@ const SalCustomHeader *sal_op_get_recv_custom_header(SalOp *op){
void sal_set_uuid(Sal *sal, const char *uuid){
if (sal->uuid){
if (uuid)
typedef struct {
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