Commit 6b290a01 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Fix compilation.

parent 38ea4ee8
......@@ -995,7 +995,7 @@ static void linphone_chat_process_response_headers_from_get_file(void *data, con
/*we are receiving a response, set a specific body handler to acquire the response.
* if not done, belle-sip will create a memory body handler, the default*/
LinphoneChatMessage *message=(LinphoneChatMessage *)belle_sip_object_data_get(BELLE_SIP_OBJECT(event->request),"message");
belle_sip_message_t* response = event->response;
belle_sip_message_t* response = BELLE_SIP_MESSAGE(event->response);
size_t body_size = 0;
if( message->file_transfer_information == NULL ){
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