Commit 6bb9300e authored by Guillaume Beraudo's avatar Guillaume Beraudo
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Binding to Enable video on LinphoneCall

parent a9079412
......@@ -1015,6 +1015,10 @@ extern "C" jlong Java_org_linphone_core_LinphoneCallImpl_getCurrentParams(JNIEnv
return (jlong) linphone_call_get_current_params((LinphoneCall*)lc);
extern "C" jlong Java_org_linphone_core_LinphoneCallImpl_enableCamera(JNIEnv *env, jobject thiz, jlong lc, jboolean b){
linphone_call_enable_camera((LinphoneCall *)lc, (bool_t) b);
extern "C" jlong Java_org_linphone_core_LinphoneCoreImpl_inviteAddressWithParams(JNIEnv *env, jobject thiz, jlong lc, jlong addr, jlong params){
return (jlong) linphone_core_invite_address_with_params((LinphoneCore *)lc, (const LinphoneAddress *)addr, (const LinphoneCallParams *)params);
......@@ -155,4 +155,6 @@ public interface LinphoneCall {
public LinphoneCallParams getCurrentParamsReadOnly();
public void enableCamera(boolean enabled);
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