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Add the equalizer location parameter to the "sound" section of lpconfig.

Setting it to "mic" will place it in the input graph, rather than the default location in output graph.
This allow to pre-amplify some frequencies in the input device.

You still need to eq_active=1	and set eq_gains to what you want to amplify.
parent e0675493
......@@ -1710,6 +1710,13 @@ void linphone_call_init_audio_stream(LinphoneCall *call){
else if (strcasecmp(type,"full")==0)
/* equalizer location in the graph: 'mic' = in input graph, otherwise in output graph.
Any other value than mic will default to output graph for compatibility */
const char *location = lp_config_get_string(lc->config,"sound","eq_location","hp");
audiostream->eq_loc = (strcasecmp(location,"mic") == 0) ? MSEqualizerMic : MSEqualizerHP;
ms_error("Equalizer location: %s", location);
if (linphone_core_echo_cancellation_enabled(lc)){
int len,delay,framesize;
mediastreamer2 @ b1b9fc24
Subproject commit a1c7195ff8372ac1b77d71dce52c2d9da0173cc6
Subproject commit b1b9fc244915ecccbba26db9440b077d5cafa85f
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