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* integrate directshow capture filter for mingw (was a plugin before)
* builds on windows with mingw/msys using ./configure && make
* add a parametric equalizer (to modify gains per frequency bands)
mediastreamer-2.2.4: May 4, 2009
* fix crash during video window resizing on windows
* improve documentation
......@@ -40,20 +40,22 @@ Here is a complete list of built-in filters.
* arts API (linux)
* portaudio API (macosx and other)
* macsnd API (native macosx API -please do more testing...-)
* aq (audio queue, macos API too)
* several audio encoder/decoder: PCMU, PCMA, speex, gsm
* wav file reader.
* wav file recorder.
* resampler.
* conference bridge.
* volume analyser.
* volume analyser, gain control, and automatic gain control.
* acoustic echo canceller.
* dtmf generation filter.
* parametric equalizer, can be used to compensate the spectral response of a bad quality speaker or microphone
Video Filters:
* video capture
* v4w API (windows)
* v4w API (windows, deprecated)
* directshow API (windows)
* video4linux API (linux)
* video4linux and video4linux2 APIs (linux)
* video display
* v4w API (windows)
* SDL API (linux, macosx...)
......@@ -63,6 +65,8 @@ Here is a complete list of built-in filters.
Plugin Filters:
* iLBC decoder/encoder.
* H264 codec, based on x264
Note that, you can build your own components/filters to do your
own processing or support other codecs.
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