Commit 730a7dc3 authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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Call linphone_status_icon_init even if HAVE_GTK_OSX is defined

parent 1832c113
...@@ -2032,9 +2032,9 @@ static void linphone_gtk_init_ui(void){ ...@@ -2032,9 +2032,9 @@ static void linphone_gtk_init_ui(void){
iconified = TRUE; iconified = TRUE;
} }
#ifndef HAVE_GTK_OSX
linphone_gtk_init_status_icon(); linphone_gtk_init_status_icon();
if (!iconified){ if (!iconified){
linphone_gtk_show_main_window(); linphone_gtk_show_main_window();
linphone_gtk_check_soundcards(); linphone_gtk_check_soundcards();
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