Commit 73c5ca8b authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat Committed by Simon Morlat
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Set http proxy to both belle sip and the tunnel client if present.

parent 074315b2
......@@ -7068,12 +7068,18 @@ void linphone_core_set_http_proxy_host(LinphoneCore *lc, const char *host) {
lc->sal->setHttpProxyPort(linphone_core_get_http_proxy_port(lc)); /*to make sure default value is set*/
if (lc->tunnel){
linphone_tunnel_set_http_proxy(lc->tunnel, host, linphone_core_get_http_proxy_port(lc), NULL, NULL);
void linphone_core_set_http_proxy_port(LinphoneCore *lc, int port) {
if (lc->sal)
if (lc->tunnel){
linphone_tunnel_set_http_proxy(lc->tunnel, linphone_core_get_http_proxy_host(lc), port, NULL, NULL);
const char *linphone_core_get_http_proxy_host(const LinphoneCore *lc) {
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