Commit 7557a5f4 authored by Matthieu Tanon's avatar Matthieu Tanon
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Revert incomplete feature for multidevice encryption to fix build

parent 5a0f365a
......@@ -31,8 +31,6 @@
#include "lime-x3dh-encryption-engine.h"
#include "private.h"
#include <algorithm>
using namespace std;
......@@ -247,11 +245,6 @@ ChatMessageModifier::Result LimeX3dhEncryptionEngine::processOutgoingMessage (
try {
limeManager->encrypt(localDeviceId, recipientUserId, recipients, plainMessage, cipherMessage, [localDeviceId, recipients, cipherMessage, message, result, &errorCode] (lime::CallbackReturn returnCode, string errorMessage) {
if (returnCode == lime::CallbackReturn::success) {
// Ignore device which do not have keys on the X3DH server
// The message will still be sent to them but they will not be able to decrypt it
recipients->erase(remove_if(recipients->begin(), recipients->end(), [](const lime::RecipientData &recipient) {
return recipient.peerStatus == lime::PeerDeviceStatus::fail;
}), recipients->end());
list<Content *> contents;
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