Commit 7734a7c1 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Add option to freeze or not on video decoding error.

parent ff31a527
......@@ -2177,6 +2177,7 @@ static void linphone_call_start_video_stream(LinphoneCall *call, const char *cna
ms_message("%s lc rotation:%d\n", __FUNCTION__, lc->device_rotation);
video_stream_set_device_rotation(call->videostream, lc->device_rotation);
video_stream_set_rtcp_information(call->videostream, cname, rtcp_tool);
video_stream_set_freeze_on_error(call->videostream, lp_config_get_int(lc->config, "video", "freeze_on_error", 0));
call->video_profile, rtp_addr, vstream->rtp_port,
mediastreamer2 @ 9c9d8804
Subproject commit 7a627f30b0462574290e03e99983327e6ea987dc
Subproject commit 9c9d88041cc8859c115a706f5cd7211434336531
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