Commit 77bdd092 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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update oRTP to fix bug with RtpModifiers

parent e3ed72b7
oRTP @ 1f1acfbd
Subproject commit f21765b4ae0a012906add1473768a1bf0b57567c
Subproject commit 1f1acfbd71c55c621831e7304545e4c6eae1b718
......@@ -5700,8 +5700,8 @@ static void custom_rtp_modifier(bool_t pauseResumeTest, bool_t recordTest) {
rtp_stats_t pauline_rtp_stats = linphone_call_stats_get_rtp_stats(pauline_stats);
ms_message("Marie sent %i RTP packets and received %i (for real)", (int)marie_rtp_stats.packet_sent, (int)marie_rtp_stats.packet_recv);
ms_message("Pauline sent %i RTP packets and received %i (for real)", (int)pauline_rtp_stats.packet_sent, (int)pauline_rtp_stats.packet_recv);
BC_ASSERT_TRUE(data_marie->packetReceivedCount == marie_rtp_stats.packet_recv);
BC_ASSERT_TRUE(data_marie->packetSentCount == marie_rtp_stats.packet_sent);
BC_ASSERT_EQUAL(data_marie->packetReceivedCount, marie_rtp_stats.packet_recv, int, "%i");
BC_ASSERT_EQUAL(data_marie->packetSentCount, marie_rtp_stats.packet_sent, int, "%i");
// There can be a small difference between the number of packets received in the modifier and the number processed in reception because the processing is asynchronous
BC_ASSERT_TRUE(data_pauline->packetReceivedCount - pauline_rtp_stats.packet_recv < 20);
BC_ASSERT_TRUE(data_pauline->packetSentCount == pauline_rtp_stats.packet_sent);
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