Commit 7cf0e80e authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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sal_impl.c: discard out of dialog ACK with invalid to-tag

parent b38e8910
......@@ -241,14 +241,17 @@ static void process_request_event(void *ud, const belle_sip_request_event_t *eve
/*handle the case where we are receiving a request with to tag but it is not belonging to any dialog*/
if (strcmp("INVITE",method)==0 || strcmp("NOTIFY",method)==0) {
belle_sip_header_to_t *to = belle_sip_message_get_header_by_type(req, belle_sip_header_to_t);
if (belle_sip_header_to_get_tag(to) != NULL){
if ((strcmp("INVITE",method)==0 || strcmp("NOTIFY",method)==0) && (belle_sip_header_to_get_tag(to) != NULL)) {
ms_warning("Receiving %s with to-tag but no know dialog here. Rejecting.", method);
/* by default (eg. when a to-tag is present), out of dialog ACK are automatically
handled in lower layers (belle-sip) but in case it misses, it will be forwarded to us */
} else if (strcmp("ACK",method)==0 && (belle_sip_header_to_get_tag(to) == NULL)) {
ms_warning("Receiving ACK without to-tag but no know dialog here. Ignoring");
if (strcmp("INVITE",method)==0) {
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