Commit 7e55281e authored by Matthieu Tanon's avatar Matthieu Tanon

Add authentication callback for remote provisioning

parent 6da310cf
......@@ -67,7 +67,23 @@ static void belle_request_process_timeout(void *ctx, const belle_sip_timeout_eve
static void belle_request_process_auth_requested(void *ctx, belle_sip_auth_event_t *event) {
LinphoneCore *lc = (LinphoneCore *)ctx;
linphone_configuring_terminated(lc, LinphoneConfiguringFailed, "http auth requested");
const char *realm = belle_sip_auth_event_get_realm(event);
const char *username = belle_sip_auth_event_get_username(event);
const char *domain = belle_sip_auth_event_get_domain(event);
const LinphoneAuthInfo *auth_info = linphone_core_find_auth_info(lc, realm, username, domain);
if (auth_info) {
const char *auth_username = linphone_auth_info_get_username(auth_info);
const char *auth_password = linphone_auth_info_get_password(auth_info);
const char *auth_ha1 = linphone_auth_info_get_ha1(auth_info);
belle_sip_auth_event_set_username(event, auth_username);
belle_sip_auth_event_set_passwd(event, auth_password);
belle_sip_auth_event_set_ha1(event, auth_ha1);
} else {
linphone_configuring_terminated(lc, LinphoneConfiguringFailed, "http auth requested");
int linphone_remote_provisioning_download_and_apply(LinphoneCore *lc, const char *remote_provisioning_uri) {
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