Commit 82967def authored by johan's avatar johan
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Belle-sip http provider API update

parent 9de2ca5f
......@@ -2858,11 +2858,12 @@ static void linphone_core_init(LinphoneCore * lc, LinphoneCoreCbs *cbs, LpConfig
* If this creates problem, we may need to implement parallel ipv6/ ipv4 http requests in belle-sip.
* ipv6 config value is read later in fonction sip_config_read*/
int use_ipv6_for_sip = linphone_config_get_int(lc->config,"sip","use_ipv6",TRUE);
/* TLS transports is always enabled, TCP can be disabled using the https_only flag in the configuration */
uint8_t transports = BELLE_SIP_HTTP_TRANSPORT_TLS;
if (linphone_config_get_bool(lc->config,"sip","https_only",FALSE) == FALSE) {
lc->http_provider = belle_sip_stack_create_http_provider(reinterpret_cast<belle_sip_stack_t *>(lc->sal->getStackImpl()), (use_ipv6_for_sip?"::0":""));
} else {
lc->http_provider = belle_sip_stack_create_https_only_provider(reinterpret_cast<belle_sip_stack_t *>(lc->sal->getStackImpl()), (use_ipv6_for_sip?"::0":""));
lc->http_provider = belle_sip_stack_create_http_provider_with_transports(reinterpret_cast<belle_sip_stack_t *>(lc->sal->getStackImpl()), (use_ipv6_for_sip?"::0":""), transports);
lc->http_crypto_config = belle_tls_crypto_config_new();
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