Commit 856edbd5 authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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call_tester.c: fix compilation due to unused function when video not built

parent 3b24f7ea
......@@ -1483,6 +1483,7 @@ end:
static void call_paused_resumed_with_video_base_call_cb(LinphoneCore *lc, LinphoneCall *call, LinphoneCallState cstate, const char *message) {
if (cstate == LinphoneCallUpdatedByRemote) {
LinphoneCallParams *params = linphone_core_create_call_params(lc, call);
......@@ -1606,7 +1607,7 @@ static void call_paused_updated_resumed_with_no_sdp_ack_using_video_policy(void)
static void call_paused_updated_resumed_with_no_sdp_ack_using_video_policy_and_accept_call_update(void){
call_paused_resumed_with_video_base(TRUE, TRUE,TRUE,TRUE);
rtcp_count_current = pauline->stat.number_of_rtcp_sent; \
/*wait for an RTCP packet to have an accurate cumulative lost value*/ \
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