Commit 8720f2ac authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩
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Fixed issue with dialplan

parent e5b624e8
......@@ -669,16 +669,21 @@ char* linphone_proxy_config_normalize_phone_number(LinphoneProxyConfig *proxy, c
ms_message ("Unknown ccc for e164 like number [%s]", flatten);
goto end;
} else {
dialplan = DialPlan::findByCcc(tmpproxy->dial_prefix); //copy dial plan;
if (tmpproxy->dial_prefix) {
dialplan = DialPlan::findByCcc(tmpproxy->dial_prefix); //copy dial plan;
} else {
dialplan = DialPlan::MostCommon;
if (tmpproxy->dial_prefix){
if (strcmp(tmpproxy->dial_prefix,dialplan.getCountryCallingCode().c_str()) != 0){
//probably generic dialplan, preserving proxy dial prefix
/*it does not make sens to try replace icp with + if we are not sure from the country we are (I.E tmpproxy->dial_prefix==NULL)*/
if (strstr(flatten,dialplan.getInternationalCallPrefix().c_str())==flatten) {
char *e164 = replace_icp_with_plus(flatten,dialplan.getIsoCountryCode().c_str());
result = linphone_proxy_config_normalize_phone_number(tmpproxy,e164);
if (strstr(flatten, dialplan.getInternationalCallPrefix().c_str()) == flatten) {
char *e164 = replace_icp_with_plus(flatten, dialplan.getInternationalCallPrefix().c_str());
result = linphone_proxy_config_normalize_phone_number(tmpproxy, e164);
goto end;
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