Commit 8aea0dec authored by Matthieu Tanon's avatar Matthieu Tanon
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Add complete User-Agent to HTTP requests

parent 970c9f72
......@@ -97,10 +97,13 @@ LimeManager::LimeManager (
belle_http_request_t *req;
belle_sip_memory_body_handler_t *bh;
stringstream userAgent;
userAgent << "Linphone/" << linphone_core_get_version() << " (Lime)" << " Belle-sip/" << belle_sip_version_to_string();
bh = belle_sip_memory_body_handler_new_copy_from_buffer(, message.size(), NULL, NULL);
req=belle_http_request_create("POST", uri,
belle_http_header_create("User-Agent", "lime"),
belle_http_header_create("User-Agent", userAgent.str().c_str()),
belle_http_header_create("Content-type", "x3dh/octet-stream"),
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