Commit 8b74551a authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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improve display of call logs for i18n dates.

parent fc2940d5
......@@ -58,6 +58,14 @@ void linphone_gtk_call_log_update(GtkWidget *w){
gchar *logtxt, *minutes, *seconds;
gchar quality[20];
const char *status=NULL;
gchar *start_date=NULL;
if (cl->start_date_time){
GDateTime *dt=g_date_time_new_from_unix_local(cl->start_date_time);
display=linphone_address_get_display_name (la);
if (display==NULL){
......@@ -91,14 +99,15 @@ void linphone_gtk_call_log_update(GtkWidget *w){
"<i>Quality: %s</i></small>\n%s\t%s %s\t"),
display, addr, cl->quality!=-1 ? quality : _("n/a"),
cl->start_date, minutes, seconds);
start_date ? start_date : cl->start_date, minutes, seconds);
else logtxt=g_markup_printf_escaped(
display, addr,
cl->start_date, status);
start_date ? start_date : cl->start_date, status);
if (start_date) g_free(start_date);
gtk_list_store_append (store,&iter);
gtk_list_store_set (store,&iter,
0, cl->dir==LinphoneCallOutgoing ? GTK_STOCK_GO_UP : GTK_STOCK_GO_DOWN,
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