Commit 8e9a1bf6 authored by Julien Wadel's avatar Julien Wadel
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Stop file player to play a file when stopping tone is requested. Playfile has been call when incall

parent bd630a12
......@@ -533,7 +533,9 @@ void ToneManager::doStopTone() {
if (isThereACall()) {
MSFilter *f = getAudioResource(ToneGenerator, NULL, FALSE);
MSFilter *f = getAudioResource(LocalPlayer, lc->sound_conf.play_sndcard, false);
if(f != NULL) ms_filter_call_method_noarg(f, MS_PLAYER_CLOSE);// MS_PLAYER is used while being in call
f = getAudioResource(ToneGenerator, NULL, FALSE);
if (f != NULL) ms_filter_call_method_noarg(f, MS_DTMF_GEN_STOP);
if (audioDevice) {
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