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code cleaning

remove useless DTLS debug traces
parent c78383dd
......@@ -2241,9 +2241,7 @@ static void linphone_call_start_audio_stream(LinphoneCall *call, bool_t muted, b
stream = sal_media_description_find_best_stream(call->resultdesc, SalAudio);
ms_message("DTLS: call_start_audio_stream, stream is %s", stream==NULL?"NULL":"not NULL");
if (stream && stream->dir!=SalStreamInactive && stream->rtp_port!=0){
ms_message("DTLS: call_start_audio_stream : we have stream and all stuff to start it");
playcard=lc->sound_conf.lsd_card ?
lc->sound_conf.lsd_card : lc->sound_conf.play_sndcard;
......@@ -2252,7 +2250,6 @@ static void linphone_call_start_audio_stream(LinphoneCall *call, bool_t muted, b
if (used_pt!=-1){
ms_message("DTLS: call_start_audio_stream : we made a profile and have used_pt != -1");
call->current_params->audio_codec = rtp_profile_get_payload(call->audio_profile, used_pt);
if (playcard==NULL) {
ms_warning("No card defined for playback !");
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