Commit 93a0794c authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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fix remote user-agent not set correctly in case of call forking

parent 0441c7c3
......@@ -323,9 +323,8 @@ static void process_response_event(void *user_ctx, const belle_sip_response_even
belle_sip_message("Op is terminated, nothing to do with this [%i]",response_code);
if (!op->base.remote_ua) {
/*do it all the time, since we can receive provisional responses from a different instance than the final one*/
if(remote_contact) {
__sal_op_set_remote_contact(op, belle_sip_header_get_unparsed_value(BELLE_SIP_HEADER(remote_contact)));
mediastreamer2 @ b0e768db
Subproject commit 8009a7440d296621f2074642394effabe442b028
Subproject commit b0e768db74b5944de8ec606e2d70744dc124cb70
oRTP @ 9d03c3aa
Subproject commit 43a9185fe6baab7a009f730f123f1de07555f5fe
Subproject commit 9d03c3aa1643f1cfae32de4abf04dc84ff3ad175
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