Commit 974daa4b authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan
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fix(linphonecall): test conference context before `on_call_stream_starting` call

parent c3f94fbd
......@@ -1109,18 +1109,18 @@ static void linphone_call_init_common(LinphoneCall *call, LinphoneAddress *from,
linphone_call_init_stats(call->audio_stats, LINPHONE_CALL_STATS_AUDIO);
linphone_call_init_stats(call->video_stats, LINPHONE_CALL_STATS_VIDEO);
linphone_call_init_stats(call->text_stats, LINPHONE_CALL_STATS_TEXT);
if (call->dest_proxy == NULL) {
/* Try to define the destination proxy if it has not already been done to have a correct contact field in the SIP messages */
call->dest_proxy = linphone_core_lookup_known_proxy(call->core, call->log->to);
if (call->dest_proxy != NULL)
call->nat_policy = linphone_proxy_config_get_nat_policy(call->dest_proxy);
if (call->nat_policy == NULL)
call->nat_policy = linphone_core_get_nat_policy(call->core);
......@@ -3506,7 +3506,7 @@ static void linphone_call_start_audio_stream(LinphoneCall *call, LinphoneCallSta
if (call->params->in_conference){
if (call->params->in_conference && lc->conf_ctx){
/*transform the graph to connect it to the conference filter */
mute = stream->dir==SalStreamRecvOnly;
linphone_conference_on_call_stream_starting(lc->conf_ctx, call, mute);
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