Commit 9a49fd6b authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Add warning when log collection upload fails.

parent 429a53b3
......@@ -685,6 +685,9 @@ void linphone_core_upload_log_collection(LinphoneCore *core) {
l = belle_http_request_listener_create_from_callbacks(&cbs, core);
belle_http_provider_send_request(core->http_provider, req, l);
} else {
ms_warning("Could not upload log collection: log_collection_upload_information=%p, server_url=%s, log_collection_state=%d",
core->log_collection_upload_information, linphone_core_get_log_collection_upload_server_url(core), liblinphone_log_collection_state);
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