Commit a0080315 authored by Erwan Croze's avatar Erwan Croze 👋🏻
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Add info to core.h types.h for wrapper

parent 02e20501
......@@ -3719,6 +3719,7 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_core_set_device_rotation(LinphoneCore *lc, int rot
* This is needed on some mobile platforms to get the number of degrees the camera sensor
* is rotated relative to the screen.
* @param lc The linphone core related to the operation
* @ingroup media_parameters
* @return The camera sensor rotation in degrees (0 to 360) or -1 if it could not be retrieved
LINPHONE_PUBLIC int linphone_core_get_camera_sensor_rotation(LinphoneCore *lc);
......@@ -487,8 +487,9 @@ typedef struct belle_sip_dict LinphoneDictionary;
* Enum describing the result of the echo canceller calibration process.
* @ingroup media_parameters
typedef enum {
typedef enum _LinphoneEcCalibratorStatus {
LinphoneEcCalibratorInProgress, /**< The echo canceller calibration process is on going */
LinphoneEcCalibratorDone, /**< The echo canceller calibration has been performed and produced an echo delay measure */
LinphoneEcCalibratorFailed, /**< The echo canceller calibration process has failed */
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