Commit a115563d authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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Fix "Io recv error without active registration" test

parent 26ed8b79
linphone-3.8.2 -- Aril 30th, 2015
Application level improvements:
* add support of the StatusNotifierItem standard to display a status icon on KDE5
* auto-answering can be set through the preferences panel
* bug fixes
Liblinphone level improvements:
* fix audio bug with opus codec
* fix ICE corner case not properly handled and resulting bad final ice status
* update SO version to 7 (it should have been done in 3.8.0)
* add support of the StatusNotifier standard to display a status icon on KDE5
* bug fixes
linphone-3.8.1 -- March 31th, 2015
Application level improvements:
......@@ -711,15 +711,14 @@ static void io_recv_error_without_active_register(){
LinphoneCore* lc;
int register_ok;
stats* counters ;
int number_of_udp_proxy=0;
MSList* proxys;
int dummy=0;
counters = get_stats(lc);
for (proxys=ms_list_copy(linphone_core_get_proxy_config_list(lc));proxys!=NULL;proxys=proxys->next) {
LinphoneProxyConfig* proxy_cfg=(LinphoneProxyConfig*)proxys->data;
......@@ -734,7 +733,8 @@ static void io_recv_error_without_active_register(){
sal_set_recv_error(lc->sal, 0);
/*nothing should happen because no active registration*/
CU_ASSERT_FALSE(wait_for_until(lc,lc,&counters->number_of_LinphoneRegistrationProgress,2*(register_ok-number_of_udp_proxy) /*because 1 udp*/,3000));
wait_for_until(lc,lc, &dummy, 1, 3000);
CU_ASSERT_TRUE(counters->number_of_LinphoneRegistrationProgress == ms_list_size(linphone_core_get_proxy_config_list(lc)));
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