Commit a6836f87 authored by DanmeiChen's avatar DanmeiChen
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fix test crash in ios: give more time to connect the network

parent 7557a5f4
......@@ -341,11 +341,11 @@ bool_t call_with_params2(LinphoneCoreManager* caller_mgr
BC_ASSERT_PTR_NULL(linphone_call_get_remote_params(caller_call)); /*assert that remote params are NULL when no response is received yet*/
did_receive_call = wait_for(callee_mgr->lc
// test ios simulator needs more time, 3s plus for connectng the network
did_receive_call = wait_for_until(callee_mgr->lc
,initial_callee.number_of_LinphoneCallIncomingReceived+1, 12000);
BC_ASSERT_EQUAL(did_receive_call, !callee_test_params->sdp_simulate_error, int, "%d");
sal_default_set_sdp_handling(linphone_core_get_sal(caller_mgr->lc), SalOpSDPNormal);
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