Commit aafd0693 authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🐮
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Removed from header methods deleted previously

parent 3ccf8850
......@@ -244,21 +244,6 @@ LINPHONE_PUBLIC bool_t linphone_chat_message_is_file_transfer(LinphoneChatMessag
LINPHONE_PUBLIC bool_t linphone_chat_message_is_text(LinphoneChatMessage *message);
* Get if a chat message is to be stored.
* @param[in] message LinphoneChatMessage object
* @return Whether or not the message is to be stored
LINPHONE_PUBLIC bool_t linphone_chat_message_get_to_be_stored(const LinphoneChatMessage *message);
* Set if a chat message is to be stored.
* This content type must match a content that is text representable, such as text/plain, text/html or image/svg+xml.
* @param[in] message LinphoneChatMessage object
* @param[in] to_be_stored Whether or not the chat message is to be stored
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void linphone_chat_message_set_to_be_stored(LinphoneChatMessage *message, bool_t to_be_stored);
* Start the download of the file from remote server
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