Commit abc0265b authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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Set default value for adaptive rate algorithm to "simple", the current algorithm

parent 3613728d
......@@ -805,7 +805,7 @@ void linphone_core_set_adaptive_rate_algorithm(LinphoneCore *lc, const char* alg
* See linphone_core_set_adaptive_rate_algorithm().
const char * linphone_core_get_adaptive_rate_algorithm(const LinphoneCore *lc){
return lp_config_get_string(lc->config, "net", "adaptive_rate_algorithm", NULL);
return lp_config_get_string(lc->config, "net", "adaptive_rate_algorithm", "Simple");
bool_t linphone_core_rtcp_enabled(const LinphoneCore *lc){
......@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ public interface LinphoneCore {
for (int i=0; i<values.size();i++) {
AdaptiveRateAlgorithm alg = (AdaptiveRateAlgorithm) values.elementAt(i);
if (alg.mStringValue.equals(value)) return alg;
if (alg.mStringValue.equalsIgnoreCase(value)) return alg;
throw new RuntimeException("AdaptiveRateAlgorithm not found ["+value+"]");
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