Commit ad65819e authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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Make the "Call recording" tester to save the recording file in another place for Android

parent dd074648
......@@ -2670,15 +2670,20 @@ static void recording_call() {
LinphoneCallParams *paulineParams = linphone_core_create_default_call_parameters(pauline->lc);
LinphoneCall *callInst = NULL;
int dummy=0;
char *filepath = NULL;
#ifdef ANDROID
const char dirname[] = "/data/data/org.linphone.tester/files/.test";
const char dirname[] = ".test";
const char filename[] = "recording.mkv";
const char filename[] = "recording.wav";
const char dirname[] = ".test";
char *filepath = NULL;
filepath = ms_new0(char, strlen(dirname) + strlen(filename) + 2);
strcpy(filepath, dirname);
strcat(filepath, "/");
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