Commit af38e99d authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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implement dynamic number of call limitations

parent 8b79e723
......@@ -4146,9 +4146,9 @@ int linphone_core_get_calls_nb(const LinphoneCore *lc){
bool_t linphone_core_can_we_add_call(LinphoneCore *lc)
if(linphone_core_get_calls_nb(lc) < NB_MAX_CALLS)
if(linphone_core_get_calls_nb(lc) < lc->max_calls)
return TRUE;
ms_error("Maximum amount of simultaneous calls reached !");
ms_message("Maximum amount of simultaneous calls reached !");
return FALSE;
mediastreamer2 @ cb05f90c
Subproject commit ba5d625fb8609f2af2487dd165d227641cd7b898
Subproject commit cb05f90c60ea9e4d65dcb71dea6fbeca278c58ba
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