Commit b32e7921 authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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Quality reporting: added all fields and a bit of refactoring

parent 2e07b673
......@@ -83,58 +83,85 @@ struct _reporting_addr_st {
struct _reporting_content_metrics_st {
// timestamps - mandatory
time_t ts_start;
time_t ts_stop;
struct {
time_t start;
time_t stop;
} timestamps;
// session description - optional
int sd_pt;
char * sd_pd;
int sd_sr;
int sd_fd;
int sd_fo;
int sd_fpp;
int sd_pps;
char * sd_fmtp;
int sd_plc;
char * sd_ssup;
struct {
int payload_type;
char * payload_desc; //mime type
int sample_rate; //clock rate
int frame_duration; //(no) ptime? à vérifier - audio only
int frame_ocets; //no
int frames_per_sec; //no
int packets_per_sec; //no
char * fmtp; //pt.recv_fmtp
int packet_loss_concealment; //voip metrics - audio only
char * silence_suppression_state; //no
} session_description;
// jitter buffet - optional
int jb_jba;
int jb_jbr;
int jb_jbn;
int jb_jbm;
int jb_jbx;
struct {
int adaptive; // constant
int rate; // constant
int nominal; // no may vary during the call <- average? worst score?
int max; // no may vary during the call <- average?
int abs_max; // constant
} jitter_buffer;
// packet loss - optional
float pl_nlr;
float pl_jdr;
struct {
float network_packet_loss_rate; // voip metrics (loss rate) + conversion
float jitter_buffer_discard_rate; //idem
} packet_loss;
// burst gap loss - optional
int bgl_bld;
int bgl_bd;
float bgl_gld;
int bgl_gd;
int bgl_gmin;
// burst gap loss - optional
// (no) currently not implemented
struct {
int burst_loss_density;
int burst_duration;
float gap_loss_density;
int gap_Duration;
int min_gap_threshold;
} burst_gap_loss;
// delay - optional
int d_rtd;
int d_esd;
int d_sowd;
int d_iaj;
int d_maj;
struct {
int round_trip_delay; // no - vary
int end_system_delay; // no - not implemented yet
int one_way_delay; // no
int symm_one_way_delay; // no - vary (depends on round_trip_delay) + not implemented (depends on end_system_delay)
int interarrival_jitter; // no - not implemented yet
int mean_abs_jitter; // (no)? - to check
} delay;
// signal - optional
int s_sl;
int s_nl;
int s_rerl;
struct {
int level; // no - vary
int noise_level; // no - vary
int residual_echo_return_loss; // no
} signal;
// quality estimates - optional
int qe_rlq;
int qe_rcq;
int qe_extri;
float qe_moslq;
float qe_moscq;
char * qe_qoeestalg;
struct {
int rlq; // linked to moslq
int rcq; //voip metrics R factor - no - vary or avg
float moslq; // no - vary or avg - voip metrics
float moscq; // no - vary or avg - voip metrics
int extri; // no
int extro; // no
char * rlqestalg; // no to all alg
char * rcqestalg;
char * moslqestalg;
char * moscqestalg;
char * extriestalg;
char * extroutestalg;
char * qoestalg;
} quality_estimates;
struct _reporting_session_report_st {
......@@ -161,8 +188,19 @@ struct _reporting_session_report_st {
struct _reporting_session_report_st get_stats(LinphoneCall * call) {
struct _reporting_session_report_st stats = {{0}}; = rtp_session_get_send_ssrc(call->audiostream->ms.session); = rtp_session_get_local_port(call->audiostream->ms.session); = rtp_session_get_recv_ssrc(call->audiostream->ms.session);
// remote address rem_addr = call->log->call_id;
// pour l'ip: itérer sur les streams pour trouver le bon type
// call->resultdesc->streams[0].type
// call->resultdesc->streams[0].rtp_addr
// const rtp_stats_t * rtp_stats = rtp_session_get_stats(call->audiostream->ms.session);
// rtp_stats->
stats.local_metrics.session_description.payload_type = call->params.audio_codec->type;
if (call->dir == LinphoneCallIncoming) { = linphone_address_as_string(call->log->from); = linphone_address_as_string(call->log->to);
......@@ -172,8 +210,8 @@ struct _reporting_session_report_st get_stats(LinphoneCall * call) { = linphone_address_as_string(call->log->from); =;
stats.local_metrics.ts_start = call->log->start_date_time;
stats.local_metrics.ts_stop = call->log->start_date_time + linphone_call_get_duration(call);
stats.local_metrics.timestamps.start = call->log->start_date_time;
stats.local_metrics.timestamps.stop = call->log->start_date_time + linphone_call_get_duration(call);
return stats;
......@@ -181,22 +219,35 @@ struct _reporting_session_report_st get_stats(LinphoneCall * call) {
static void add_metrics(char ** buffer, size_t * size, size_t * offset, struct _reporting_content_metrics_st rm) {
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "Timestamps:START=%s STOP=%s\r\n",
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "SessionDesc:PT=%d PD=%s SR=%d FD=%d FO=%d FPP=%d PPS=%d FMTP=%s PLC=%d SSUP=%s\r\n",
rm.sd_pt, rm.sd_pd, rm.sd_sr, rm.sd_fd, rm.sd_fo, rm.sd_fpp, rm.sd_pps, rm.sd_fmtp, rm.sd_plc, rm.sd_ssup);
rm.session_description.payload_type, rm.session_description.payload_desc, rm.session_description.sample_rate,
rm.session_description.frame_duration, rm.session_description.frame_ocets, rm.session_description.frames_per_sec,
rm.session_description.packets_per_sec, rm.session_description.fmtp, rm.session_description.packet_loss_concealment,
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "JitterBuffer:JBA=%d JBR=%d JBN=%d JBM=%d JBX=%d\r\n",
rm.jb_jba, rm.jb_jbr, rm.jb_jbn, rm.jb_jbm, rm.jb_jbx);
rm.jitter_buffer.adaptive, rm.jitter_buffer.rate, rm.jitter_buffer.nominal, rm.jitter_buffer.max, rm.jitter_buffer.abs_max);
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "PacketLoss:NLR=%s JDR=%s\r\n",
float_to_one_decimal_string(rm.pl_nlr), float_to_one_decimal_string(rm.pl_jdr));
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "BurstGapLoss:BLD=%d BD=%d GLD=%s GD=%d GMIN=%d\r\n",
rm.bgl_bld, rm.bgl_bd, float_to_one_decimal_string(rm.bgl_gld), rm.bgl_gd, rm.bgl_gmin);
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "Delay:RTD=%d ESD=%d SOWD=%d IAJ=%d MAJ=%d\r\n",
rm.d_rtd, rm.d_esd, rm.d_sowd, rm.d_iaj, rm.d_maj);
rm.burst_gap_loss.burst_loss_density, rm.burst_gap_loss.burst_duration,
float_to_one_decimal_string(rm.burst_gap_loss.gap_loss_density), rm.burst_gap_loss.gap_Duration,
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "Delay:RTD=%d ESD=%d OWD=%d SOWD=%d IAJ=%d MAJ=%d\r\n",
rm.delay.round_trip_delay, rm.delay.end_system_delay, rm.delay.one_way_delay, rm.delay.symm_one_way_delay,
rm.delay.interarrival_jitter, rm.delay.mean_abs_jitter);
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "Signal:SL=%d NL=%d RERL=%d\r\n",
rm.s_sl, rm.s_nl, rm.s_rerl);
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "QualityEst:RLQ=%d RCQ=%d EXTRI=%d MOSLQ=%s MOSCQ=%s QoEEstAlg=%s\r\n",
rm.qe_rlq, rm.qe_rcq, rm.qe_extri, float_to_one_decimal_string(rm.qe_moslq), float_to_one_decimal_string(rm.qe_moscq), rm.qe_qoeestalg);
rm.signal.level, rm.signal.noise_level, rm.signal.residual_echo_return_loss);
append_to_buffer(buffer, size, offset, "QualityEst:RLQ=%d RLQEstAlg=%s RCQ=%d RCQEstAlgo=%s EXTRI=%d ExtRIEstAlg=%s EXTRO=%d ExtROEstAlg=%s MOSLQ=%s MOSLQEstAlgo=%s MOSCQ=%s MOSCQEstAlgo=%s QoEEstAlg=%s\r\n",
rm.quality_estimates.rlq, rm.quality_estimates.rlqestalg,
rm.quality_estimates.rcq, rm.quality_estimates.rcqestalg,
rm.quality_estimates.extri, rm.quality_estimates.extriestalg,
rm.quality_estimates.extro, rm.quality_estimates.extroutestalg,
float_to_one_decimal_string(rm.quality_estimates.moslq), rm.quality_estimates.moslqestalg,
float_to_one_decimal_string(rm.quality_estimates.moscq), rm.quality_estimates.moscqestalg,
void linphone_quality_reporting_submit(LinphoneCall* call) {
......@@ -226,8 +277,8 @@ void linphone_quality_reporting_submit(LinphoneCall* call) {
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "RemoteID: %s\r\n",;
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "OrigID: %s\r\n",;
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "LocalGroup: %s\r\n",;
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "RemoteGroup: %s\r\n",;
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "LocalGroup: %s\r\n",; //linphone-CALLID
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "RemoteGroup: %s\r\n",; //idem
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "LocalAddr: IP=%s PORT=%d SSRC=%d\r\n",,,;
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "LocalMAC: %s\r\n",;
append_to_buffer(&buffer, &size, &offset, "RemoteAddr: IP=%s PORT=%d SSRC=%d\r\n",,,;
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