Commit b550faa7 authored by Mickaël Turnel's avatar Mickaël Turnel
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Fix find chat room message

parent 1b8e0058
......@@ -308,11 +308,11 @@ LinphoneChatMessage *linphone_chat_room_get_last_message_in_history(LinphoneChat
LinphoneChatMessage *linphone_chat_room_find_message (LinphoneChatRoom *cr, const char *message_id) {
auto cppPtr = L_GET_C_BACK_PTR(L_GET_CPP_PTR_FROM_C_OBJECT(cr)->findChatMessage(message_id));
return linphone_chat_message_ref(cppPtr);
shared_ptr<LinphonePrivate::ChatMessage> cppPtr = L_GET_CPP_PTR_FROM_C_OBJECT(cr)->findChatMessage(message_id);
if (!cppPtr)
return nullptr;
return linphone_chat_message_ref(L_GET_C_BACK_PTR(cppPtr));
LinphoneChatRoomState linphone_chat_room_get_state (const LinphoneChatRoom *cr) {
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