Commit c0e4d569 authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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proxy.c: remove unused functions

parent d1907a0d
......@@ -848,35 +848,11 @@ static char *flatten_number(const char *number){
return result;
static void replace_plus_with_icp(const char *src, char *dest, size_t destlen, const char *icp){
int i=0;
if (icp && src[0]=='+' && (destlen>(i=strlen(icp))) ){
strncpy(dest, icp, destlen);
for(;(i<destlen-1) && *src!='\0';++i){
static void replace_icp_with_plus(const char *src, char *dest, size_t destlen, const char *icp){
int i=0;
if (strstr(src, icp) == src){
strncpy(dest+i, src+strlen(icp), destlen-i-1);
static char* replace_plus_with_icp_new(char *phone, const char* icp){
static char* replace_plus_with_icp(char *phone, const char* icp){
return (icp && phone[0]=='+') ? ms_strdup_printf("%s%s", icp, phone+1) : ms_strdup(phone);
static char* replace_icp_with_plus_new(char *phone, const char *icp){
static char* replace_icp_with_plus(char *phone, const char *icp){
return (strstr(phone, icp) == phone) ? ms_strdup_printf("+%s", phone+strlen(icp)) : ms_strdup(phone);
......@@ -905,9 +881,9 @@ char* linphone_proxy_config_normalize_phone_number(LinphoneProxyConfig *proxy, c
if (flatten[0]=='+'||strstr(flatten,dialplan.icp)==flatten){
ms_debug("Prefix already present.");
if (tmpproxy->dial_escape_plus) {
result = replace_plus_with_icp_new(flatten,dialplan.icp);
result = replace_plus_with_icp(flatten,dialplan.icp);
} else {
result = replace_icp_with_plus_new(flatten,dialplan.icp);
result = replace_icp_with_plus(flatten,dialplan.icp);
/*0. keep at most national number significant digits */
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