Commit c4481dcc authored by jehan's avatar jehan

fix trace

parent 7720b060
......@@ -686,10 +686,10 @@ int lime_decryptMultipartMessage(void *cachedb, uint8_t *message, const char *se
if (associatedKey.sessionIndex != usedSessionIndex) {
ms_warning("Line: unexpected session index [%i] received from [%s], [%i] message will discarded"
ms_warning("Lime: unexpected session index [%i] received from [%s], [%i] messages will be discarded"
, usedSessionIndex
, peerURI
, associatedKey.sessionIndex - usedSessionIndex);
, usedSessionIndex-associatedKey.sessionIndex);
while (usedSessionIndex>associatedKey.sessionIndex) {
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