Commit c99d363f authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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No longer check for notify version as it can be reset by belle-sip (new dialog)

parent df4cc8d7
......@@ -222,10 +222,8 @@ static void linphone_friend_list_parse_multipart_related_body(LinphoneFriendList
version = atoi(version_str);
if (version < list->expected_notification_version) {
ms_warning("rlmi+xml: Discarding received notification with version %d because %d was expected", version, list->expected_notification_version);
linphone_friend_list_update_subscriptions(list); /* Refresh subscription to get new full state notify. */
goto end;
if (version < list->expected_notification_version) { /*no longuer an error as dialog may be silently restarting by the refresher*/
ms_warning("rlmi+xml: Received notification with version %d expected was %d, dialog may have been reseted", version, list->expected_notification_version);
full_state_str = linphone_get_xml_attribute_text_content(xml_ctx, "/rlmi:list", "fullState");
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