Commit cbd6248e authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩
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Fixed tester compilation

parent 05b045cb
......@@ -179,20 +179,20 @@ static void sip_uri_normalization(void) {
SIP_URI_CHECK("١", expected); //test that no more invalid memory writes are made (valgrind only)
static void load_dynamic_proxy_config(void) {
/*static void load_dynamic_proxy_config(void) {
LinphoneProxyConfig *proxy;
//Load file
proxy = linphone_proxy_config_new();
test_t proxy_config_tests[] = {
TEST_NO_TAG("Phone normalization without proxy", phone_normalization_without_proxy),
TEST_NO_TAG("Phone normalization with proxy", phone_normalization_with_proxy),
TEST_NO_TAG("Phone normalization with dial escape plus", phone_normalization_with_dial_escape_plus),
TEST_NO_TAG("SIP URI normalization", sip_uri_normalization),
TEST_NO_TAG("Load new default value for proxy config", load_dynamic_proxy_config)
//TEST_NO_TAG("Load new default value for proxy config", load_dynamic_proxy_config)
test_suite_t proxy_config_test_suite = {"Proxy config", NULL, NULL, liblinphone_tester_before_each, liblinphone_tester_after_each,
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