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fix crash in handle_stream_events() where the MediaStream object is destroyed...

fix crash in handle_stream_events() where the MediaStream object is destroyed and recreated during the loop of event processing (typicall with ice events).
parent 93f7cbd8
......@@ -4368,6 +4368,28 @@ void linphone_call_notify_stats_updated(LinphoneCall *call, int stream_index){
static MediaStream * linphone_call_get_media_stream(LinphoneCall *call, int stream_index){
if (stream_index == call->main_audio_stream_index)
return (MediaStream*)call->audiostream;
if (stream_index == call->main_video_stream_index)
return (MediaStream*)call->videostream;
if (stream_index == call->main_text_stream_index)
return (MediaStream*)call->textstream;
ms_error("linphone_call_get_media_stream(): no stream index %i", stream_index);
return NULL;
static OrtpEvQueue *linphone_call_get_event_queue(LinphoneCall *call, int stream_index){
if (stream_index == call->main_audio_stream_index)
return call->audiostream_app_evq;
if (stream_index == call->main_video_stream_index)
return call->videostream_app_evq;
if (stream_index == call->main_text_stream_index)
return call->textstream_app_evq;
ms_error("linphone_call_get_event_queue(): no stream index %i", stream_index);
return NULL;
void linphone_call_handle_stream_events(LinphoneCall *call, int stream_index){
MediaStream *ms = stream_index == call->main_audio_stream_index ? (MediaStream *)call->audiostream : (stream_index == call->main_video_stream_index ? (MediaStream *)call->videostream : (MediaStream *)call->textstream);
OrtpEvQueue *evq;
......@@ -4396,11 +4418,15 @@ void linphone_call_handle_stream_events(LinphoneCall *call, int stream_index){
/*yes the event queue has to be taken at each iteration, because ice events may perform operations re-creating the streams*/
while ((evq = stream_index == call->main_audio_stream_index ? call->audiostream_app_evq : (stream_index == call->main_video_stream_index ? call->videostream_app_evq : call->textstream_app_evq)) && (NULL != (ev=ortp_ev_queue_get(evq)))){
while((evq = linphone_call_get_event_queue(call, stream_index)) != NULL && NULL != (ev=ortp_ev_queue_get(evq))){
OrtpEventType evt=ortp_event_get_type(ev);
OrtpEventData *evd=ortp_event_get_data(ev);
int stats_index = stream_index == call->main_audio_stream_index ? LINPHONE_CALL_STATS_AUDIO : (stream_index == call->main_video_stream_index ? LINPHONE_CALL_STATS_VIDEO : LINPHONE_CALL_STATS_TEXT);
/*and yes the MediaStream must be taken at each iteration, because it may have changed due to the handling of events
* in this loop*/
ms = linphone_call_get_media_stream(call, stream_index);
if (ms) linphone_call_stats_fill(&call->stats[stats_index],ms,ev);
......@@ -4785,8 +4811,10 @@ MSFormatType linphone_call_get_stream_type(LinphoneCall *call, int stream_index)
return MSVideo;
} else if (stream_index == call->main_text_stream_index) {
return MSText;
} else if (stream_index == call->main_audio_stream_index){
return MSAudio;
return MSAudio;
return MSUnknownMedia;
RtpTransport* linphone_call_get_meta_rtp_transport(LinphoneCall *call, int stream_index) {
mediastreamer2 @ 200c3523
Subproject commit c8c9ef1cd2d0abc54f76a0ed4e035027ff5e8075
Subproject commit 200c3523befdc4677bafc0eb074a75a3d3b7b0b5
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