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do not send 501 to out of dialog BYE, but rather 481.

parent d56d927c
Liblinphone level improvements thanks to belle-sip new SIP stack:
* multiple SIP transports simualtaneously now allowed
* IP dual stack: can use IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously
* fully asynchronous behavior: no more lengthly DNS or connections
......@@ -7,8 +8,8 @@ linphone-3.7...??
* better management of network disconnections
* SIP/TLS handled through lightweighted polarssl library (instead of openssl)
* SIP transaction state machines improved (RFC6026)
* Privacy API
* Full support of rich presence
* Privacy API (RFC3323, RFC3325)
* Full support of rich presence in (RFC4480)
linphone-3.6.1 -- June 17, 2013
......@@ -208,6 +208,10 @@ static void process_request_event(void *sal, const belle_sip_request_event_t *ev
resp=belle_sip_response_create_from_request(req,481);/*INFO out of call dialogs are not allowed*/
}else if (strcmp("BYE",method)==0) {
resp=belle_sip_response_create_from_request(req,481);/*out of dialog BYE */
}else {
ms_error("sal process_request_event not implemented yet for method [%s]",belle_sip_request_get_method(req));
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