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forgot the case where upload bandwidth is infinite (ie -1)

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......@@ -194,9 +194,8 @@ This codec is variable bitrate. The 8kbit/s mode is interesting when having a lo
is not very good. We 'd better use its 15kbt/s mode when we have enough bandwidth*/
static int get_codec_bitrate(LinphoneCore *lc, const PayloadType *pt){
int upload_bw=linphone_core_get_upload_bandwidth(lc);
if (upload_bw>128 || (upload_bw>32 && !linphone_core_video_enabled(lc)) ) {
if (bandwidth_is_greater(upload_bw,129) || (bandwidth_is_greater(upload_bw,33) && !linphone_core_video_enabled(lc)) ) {
if (strcmp(pt->mime_type,"speex")==0 && pt->clock_rate==8000){
ms_message("Let's use speex at 15kbit/s");
return 15000;
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