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ready for new release 3.2.0

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linphone-3.2.0 -- September 7, 2009
linphone-3.2.0 -- September 17, 2009
* new in-call layout
* new idle view with two buttons
* ability to dial the number from dialpad
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
dnl Source packaging numbers
mediastreamer-2.3.0: September 7, 2009
mediastreamer-2.3.0: September 17, 2009
* integrate directshow capture filter for mingw (was a plugin before)
* builds on windows with mingw/msys using ./configure && make (see linphone's README.mingw)
* new parametric equalizer filter (to modify gains per frequency bands), working with natural curves
* new noise-gate feature added to MSVolume
* list of soundcard dynamically updates on windows upon device plugs/unplugs
* MSVolume echo limiter feature improved
mediastreamer-2.2.4: May 4, 2009
* fix crash during video window resizing on windows
September 7, 2009: ortp-0.16.1
September 17, 2009: ortp-0.16.1
- minor compilation fixes
May 4, 2009 : ortp-0.16.0
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