Commit d5bd254c authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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update ms2

parent 9642f4e7
......@@ -3201,7 +3201,7 @@ int linphone_core_set_static_picture(LinphoneCore *lc, const char *path) {
force the filter to use that picture. */
if (vs && vs->source) {
if (ms_filter_get_id(vs->source) == MS_STATIC_IMAGE_ID) {
ms_filter_call_method(vs->source, MS_FILTER_SET_IMAGE,
ms_filter_call_method(vs->source, MS_STATIC_IMAGE_SET_IMAGE,
(void *)path);
mediastreamer2 @ 6701e074
Subproject commit e13dd416782fe85f25610471b9db117c0eecaf80
Subproject commit 6701e074484fd6725b789b2854a2be5bd2784ef5
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