Commit d900fc07 authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan
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fix(sal): export symbols for windows (sal workaround)

parent c6e2ef10
......@@ -911,61 +911,65 @@ LINPHONE_END_NAMESPACE
using namespace LinphonePrivate;
// NOTE: This is ugly but it's not possible to export simply this set of functions in tester_utils...
// Because tester_utils and private files are ill-thought.
// A workaround is to use LINPHONE_PUBLIC here.
extern "C" {
Sal *linphone_core_get_sal(const LinphoneCore *lc) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC Sal *linphone_core_get_sal(const LinphoneCore *lc) {
return lc->sal;
SalOp *linphone_proxy_config_get_sal_op(const LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC SalOp *linphone_proxy_config_get_sal_op(const LinphoneProxyConfig *cfg) {
return cfg->op;
SalOp *linphone_call_get_op_as_sal_op(const LinphoneCall *call) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC SalOp *linphone_call_get_op_as_sal_op(const LinphoneCall *call) {
return linphone_call_get_op(call);
Sal *sal_init(MSFactory *factory) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC Sal *sal_init(MSFactory *factory) {
return new Sal(factory);
void sal_uninit(Sal* sal) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_uninit(Sal* sal) {
delete sal;
int sal_create_uuid(Sal *ctx, char *uuid, size_t len) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC int sal_create_uuid(Sal *ctx, char *uuid, size_t len) {
return ctx->createUuid(uuid, len);
void sal_set_uuid(Sal *ctx, const char *uuid) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_uuid(Sal *ctx, const char *uuid) {
void sal_default_set_sdp_handling(Sal* h, SalOpSDPHandling handling_method) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_default_set_sdp_handling(Sal* h, SalOpSDPHandling handling_method) {
void sal_set_send_error(Sal *sal,int value) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_send_error(Sal *sal,int value) {
void sal_set_recv_error(Sal *sal,int value) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_recv_error(Sal *sal,int value) {
void sal_enable_pending_trans_checking(Sal *sal, bool value) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_enable_pending_trans_checking(Sal *sal, bool value) {
void sal_enable_unconditional_answer(Sal *sal,int value) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_enable_unconditional_answer(Sal *sal,int value) {
void sal_set_dns_timeout(Sal* sal,int timeout) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_dns_timeout(Sal* sal,int timeout) {
void sal_set_dns_user_hosts_file(Sal *sal, const char *hosts_file) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_dns_user_hosts_file(Sal *sal, const char *hosts_file) {
......@@ -973,46 +977,46 @@ void *sal_get_stack_impl(Sal *sal) {
return sal->getStackImpl();
void sal_set_refresher_retry_after(Sal *sal,int value) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_refresher_retry_after(Sal *sal,int value) {
int sal_get_refresher_retry_after(const Sal *sal) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC int sal_get_refresher_retry_after(const Sal *sal) {
return sal->getRefresherRetryAfter();
void sal_set_transport_timeout(Sal* sal,int timeout) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_transport_timeout(Sal* sal,int timeout) {
void sal_enable_test_features(Sal*ctx, bool enabled) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_enable_test_features(Sal*ctx, bool enabled) {
int sal_transport_available(Sal *ctx, SalTransport t) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC int sal_transport_available(Sal *ctx, SalTransport t) {
return ctx->isTransportAvailable(t);
const SalErrorInfo *sal_op_get_error_info(const SalOp *op) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC const SalErrorInfo *sal_op_get_error_info(const SalOp *op) {
return op->getErrorInfo();
bool sal_call_dialog_request_pending(const SalOp *op) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC bool sal_call_dialog_request_pending(const SalOp *op) {
auto callOp = dynamic_cast<const SalCallOp *>(op);
return callOp->dialogRequestPending();
void sal_call_set_sdp_handling(SalOp *h, SalOpSDPHandling handling) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_call_set_sdp_handling(SalOp *h, SalOpSDPHandling handling) {
auto callOp = dynamic_cast<SalCallOp *>(h);
SalMediaDescription * sal_call_get_final_media_description(SalOp *h) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC SalMediaDescription * sal_call_get_final_media_description(SalOp *h) {
auto callOp = dynamic_cast<SalCallOp *>(h);
return callOp->getFinalMediaDescription();
belle_sip_resolver_context_t *sal_resolve_a(Sal *sal, const char *name, int port, int family, belle_sip_resolver_callback_t cb, void *data) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC belle_sip_resolver_context_t *sal_resolve_a(Sal *sal, const char *name, int port, int family, belle_sip_resolver_callback_t cb, void *data) {
return sal->resolveA(name, port, family, cb, data);
......@@ -1024,34 +1028,34 @@ SalOp *sal_create_refer_op(Sal *sal) {
return new SalReferOp(sal);
void sal_release_op(SalOp *op) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_release_op(SalOp *op) {
void sal_op_set_from(SalOp *sal_refer_op, const char* from) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_op_set_from(SalOp *sal_refer_op, const char* from) {
auto referOp = dynamic_cast<SalReferOp *>(sal_refer_op);
void sal_op_set_to(SalOp *sal_refer_op, const char* to) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_op_set_to(SalOp *sal_refer_op, const char* to) {
auto referOp = dynamic_cast<SalReferOp *>(sal_refer_op);
void sal_op_send_refer(SalOp *sal_refer_op, SalAddress* refer_to) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_op_send_refer(SalOp *sal_refer_op, SalAddress* refer_to) {
auto referOp = dynamic_cast<SalReferOp *>(sal_refer_op);
void sal_set_user_pointer(Sal *sal, void *user_pointer) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_user_pointer(Sal *sal, void *user_pointer) {
void *sal_get_user_pointer(Sal *sal) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void *sal_get_user_pointer(Sal *sal) {
return sal->getUserPointer();
void sal_set_call_refer_callback(Sal *sal, void (*OnReferCb)(SalOp *op, const SalAddress *referto)) {
LINPHONE_PUBLIC void sal_set_call_refer_callback(Sal *sal, void (*OnReferCb)(SalOp *op, const SalAddress *referto)) {
struct Sal::Callbacks cbs = {NULL};
cbs.refer_received = OnReferCb;
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